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Garage Door Spring Repair in Garland, TX

One of the most common issues in sectional/panel lift garage doors is damaged garage door springs brought on by wear and tear. Once the extension or torso springs or both get broken, the garage door becomes massive to lift and presents a safety hazard. As such, the garage door shouldn’t be used as it could suddenly collapse on you or your vehicle. When you face this problem, immediately reach out to our garage door repair professionals. Core Garage Door is the most trusted garage door company in the whole of Garland, TX and we are fully stocked with standard springs. For customized doors, we are happy to announce that we can tailor any size of springs to fit your door to get it back to its great form and function.

Why a DIY Garage Door Spring Repair Is Not Recommended

Needless to say, our garage door is one of the widely used systems in our house or office building but did you know that these doors are highly dependent on heavy-duty springs? As such, they should always be taken care of to ensure their great condition so that they can function effectively in lifting around 120 kgs of heavyweight.
However, a garage door’s spring system can be worn out because of its daily cycle of relaxing and contracting. Due to the extreme pressure required, the springs will eventually snap. One of the impulsive responses when seeing broken garage door springs is trying to handle it on your own. We will NEVER encourage a DIY spring repair/replacement especially if you don’t have the knowledge, skills, and most importantly reliable experience in resolving such a dangerous problem. Note that there are many components involved and tools required in the replacement of springs. To avoid the risk of injuring yourself and others, it’s best to trust the garage door specialists at Core Garage Door to make the right diagnosis and apply an efficient solution.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

While a successful repair/replacement of your garage door springs guarantees a good working condition of your garage door system, it is equally important to engage in regular servicing and preventive maintenance services to prevent complicated and more expensive issues in the future.  Moreover, these services are designed to extend the lifespan of your garage door. Core Garage Door’s high-quality routine servicing includes alignment of door and tracks, tightening of cables and chains, and adjustment of spring tension, among many others.

Garage Door Spring Balance Test

Core Garage Door encourages garage door owners to do a garage door spring balance test every month. Start by disconnecting the automated opening system and lifting the door manually. Observe any resistance as this could hint at a problem with the spring balance. Then make sure the door opens without any challenge and remains open when completely lifted. Finally, close the door manually and observe that it should fall lightly, not with a loud noise. If you notice any signs of damage, do not try to remedy the problem on your own if you are not confident. Protect yourself from possible injury and dial our emergency assistance line at (469)880-4621. With us, your garage door is in safe hands.

Why Trust Core Garage Door to Fix Your Springs?

Prompt Garage Door Services
We take pride in being recognized as the leading garage door company in Garland, TX, and its surrounding areas thanks to our dedicated repair technicians who tirelessly work around the clock. From the moment we received your call, our dispatch team will send the nearest technicians to your location. Our repair process involves a quick assessment of the issue, a brief explanation of the course of action, and finally, our team will be at work to have your garage door back in action in just a matter of time.

Reliable Repair Technicians
For your peace of mind and confidence, Core Garage Door is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. All of our technicians have passed our background check and have tested negative for our annual drug test for your protection. Our several years of field experience molded us to become dependable industry leaders. Thanks to our comprehensive and regular training, we have built a strong knowledge of all makes and models of garage doors and we are highly skilled in repairing and replacing any brand of door springs. We’re Garland’s garage door experts and we are second to none in dealing with these safety issues.

Affordable Rates
When you call Core Garage Door, we come to your area and inspect your door at no cost and we will give you a free written estimate. We charge a reasonable price for our garage door spring replacements and we stand firm with our warranty policy. In addition, we don’t include hidden fees in your billing.

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